Introducing; Synergy

Introducing Synergy’s clothing this Spring is something we have been so excited about for a while.  Synergy employs over 150 women in Nepal to make their organic cotton women’s clothing.  They provide fair wages and significant yearly bonuses.  It’s all about supporting women so they can support their families.  When possible Synergy encourages women to work from their homes, reducing the stress of leaving children and giving them the flexible keep up with other responsibilities while completing their work.

On top of their loving care for their Nepali and US based teams.  We are so excited about all of the ways they consider the environment and the people involved with production of their products.  Their super soft fabrics are organically grown and certified, reducing the environmental impact of the cotton farming as well as the health risks to the farmers.  They take great care in the dying and finishing of their products to keep the process as low impact as possible on water sources.  On top of all of that, they rely on solar power when possible, soy ink and even reuse boxes and other materials.  We are inspired and encouraged by their thoughtfulness and care and are so excited to be sharing their pieces with you.


Some helpful hints as you are purchasing:

Synergy’s fabrics, though durable and fade resistant do shrink slightly.  We’ve carefully purchased only the styles that we feel like run true to size and are the MOST flattering.  You will love how breathable the dresses are especially and how they move.  Each style really makes the most of the fabric and are so fun to wear.  Enjoy!


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