Women at Work=Kids at School

73 million children under the age of 14 work in full time jobs around the world instead of attending school. 73 million, how is this possible? They say that the numbers may even be conservative. Personal stories break my heart, but numbers that staggering move my feet. What do I do? How do I start? Honestly, I would sooner get a on a plane to India and go completely momma bear on any employer who dares hire a child. But often when I choose to purchase, I’m not thinking about cause or effect, only about what I want.  I want what I want because it makes me look and feel good about myself. When it works and I’m complimented, I want more. But then I realize, children aren’t in school, some are in danger.

Mata Traders and World Finds work in countries with high numbers of child labor, intentionally employing women who have never worked before so that they can receive the income brought in by their children and their children can go to school. Done. What are these women producing? Beautiful pieces that are fashion forward, that we love to sell and wear. So incredibly proud to partner with these groups and know that our feet can move in the direction of change because of the work they do.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces:

Marka Necklace, World Finds

Faith Earrings, Mata Traders

For more info on Mata Traders and World Finds check our their websites:


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