Follow the Route

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At Route, we are fascinated by the power of the supply chain.  Who is involved with getting a product from maker to customer?  What is a product made of?  What type of facility?  In what part of the world?  We often say that ethical fashion can end slavery, child labor and so many other problems with current production practices.

How?  In our opinion, you have to KNOW THE ROUTE.

How that connection is made, the link between maker, partner group, Route and our customer, can create lasting solutions to heartbreaking problems like slavery, child labor or dangerous working conditions.  Part of our job is to tell those stories, to show you the Route and how it is protecting and saving and revolutionizing production.

After months of working we have come up with ways to visually represent this exciting relationship.  We are excited to announce the Follow the Route tab attached to each of our products.  We’ve linked maps that show the Route and a quick story of each partner group and their world changing work.

Enjoy!  Keep asking questions and when you know the Route you can purchase to change the world.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.59.05 AM


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