Reflections on Overdressed

After years of trying and failing to have a fashionable and easy wardrobe that I felt great about,  the last couple of years my clothing choices have clicked a bit more, and I’ve developed my “uniform”:

–  solids and neutrals

– outfits that are more about “shape” and less about buying lots of pieces.

-not being afraid to wear the same outfit a lot


I’ve discovered that paying more for an item that I really love is OK because I’ll wear it a lot. I try to wear my clothing until it’s worn and not until I get bored of it, and try to purchase versatile and classic pieces.

(FYI: One of my favorite inspiration blogs is Caroline’s, which has helped me create a wardrobe I love, and don’t overthink.)

But despite my understanding of ethical clothing and 100% being behind Route’s mission, I still shop first at mainstream clothing brands, and sometimes (often?) buy things I don’t really need.

That’s where Elizabeth Cline’s book came in, I realized I really, no REALLY want to be more thoughtful. I don’t want to be the one to take bags of used clothing to Goodwill because I have so much just sitting in my closet that I don’t wear, and I don’t want to shop because I’m bored or to cheer myself up.

Before a recent trip I was in need  of a number of items that I knew I probably wouldn’t wear beyond that trip, so I drug myself to the thrift store. Friends, I found GEMS. A green lace Tee, a fun boxy black and white crop top, and gorgeous linen skirt. I wonder, is this normal? (Look for a future blog post outlining a thrift shop strategy.)

I’m definitely on a tight clothing budget, and it’s fun to think I can splurge on ethical pieces that I love.


When I want something new, I’ll try purchasing ethically or thrifting first

I will only buy a mainstream piece if I know I’m going to wear it A LOT.

I’d really like to wear something until falls apart, and then make it into cleaning rags or a blanket. (I see a project on the horizon!)

Own my personal style, and not just fall for a trend.

I’d love to say that I want to re-purpose items from the thrift store into something fun, but I don’t think I’m that skilled at the sewing machine yet–maybe someday!

Thanks, friends!




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