Love What You Own

Post by our content marketing intern, Kylie McCalmont, a sophomore at the University of Missouri.

Sometimes less is best. With shelves of shoes and closets packed to the brim, I sometimes ask myself if I even wear a fifth of what bulges outside of my closet on a daily basis. Maybe if I condensed what I have to what I wear, I could truly focus on loving what I have – and maybe save myself a few trips during my next move. This idea prompted me to explore some of what other people love, and figure out why the articles have so much meaning. So I asked a few girlfriends to help me out.

Whether it’s because of a memory or it was just a fun purchase, these women from the University of Missouri share their favorite purchases and why they’re so special to them.

Group Picture.jpg

Aubri Kaiser, Megan Mckeough, Isabel Charter and Madi Mckeough proudly pose with their favorite articles of clothing. (Left to Right)

Aubri Kaiser.jpg

Aubri Kaiser clutches her uncle’s hand-me-down green flannel that she pairs with her favorite t-shirts and stretchy leggings.

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Megan Mckeough.jpg

Megan Mckeough flaunts her cozy H-Town tee that lets her proudly represent her hometown all the way in Missouri.

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Isabel Charter.jpg

Isabel Charter flaunts her fuzzy sweatshirt that matches perfectly with some tattered jeans or soft sleeping shorts.

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Madi Mckeough.jpg

Madi Mckeough shows off her trendy cactus skirt that she purchased from a cute boutique in Houston to pair with a snuggly sweater or a summer tank.

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