A Sustainable life :: Dacy :: Mindful Closet

We’re excited to launch a new blog series that looks into the lives of creative and inspiring women, we’re asking what sustainability means to them–amongst other things.

There is something life giving about hearing a new perspective from women you admire and work alongside, so get ready for some fresh takes and thoughtful insights!

Without further ado, check out our feature with Dacy from Mindful Closet.

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ROUTE: What does sustainability mean to you?


DACY: To me, sustainability means using what you have. It means not wasting things. Most importantly, it means resisting the messages that we should always be purchasing something new. If we all gave a little more thought to which of these new purchases we actually need, the production of “stuff” would have to slow down, and we’d use fewer resources as a society.


ROUTE: Do you make it a habit to practice mindfulness & intention? If so, how?

D: I’m constantly working on mindfulness and intention and don’t feel as though I ever get better at it, although I guess that’s kind of the point! Currently, my biggest focus in this area is on being intentional with my digital life. I’m trying to set limits around when and how I use social media and scrutinizing my reasons for opening my phone or computer. It’s a huge challenge.

ROUTE: What are some ways you incorporate or live sustainable fashion? Favorite brands?

D: The most sustainable thing you can do is to make use of something that already exist in the world, so if I’m looking for a new article of clothing, I check secondhand sources first (usually thrift stores, resale shops, and Poshmark). My style aligns really well with lots of ethical fashion retailers, so I love to patronize them. A couple of my favorites are Elizabeth Suzann, Ali Golden, and of course Route! The price points can be higher, but I know that that’s because people are being paid a higher wage to produce them, so I make room in my budget by saving on secondhand pieces.

ROUTE: Name 3 sources of inspiration that have been life giving for you lately:


D: This might sound odd, but I’ve been staying away from the usual “inspiration” lately. Instagram has lots of pretty pictures, but also the potential to make me feel bad about myself. I’ve been limiting my time there, but I have been recently getting inspired by sewists (sewer+artist) Sienna and Abolaji. Pinterest and I are still cool and I’m into all the content on The Cut.


ROUTE: What are you so passionate about that you will experience discomfort to see it through?

D: It was actually really uncomfortable for me to start my personal styling business, mindful closet. I’m an introvert and pretty risk-averse. However, I get so much joy from showing women that they are worthy without the latest trend or fad that’s being marketed to them. I see my job as helping them find the styles that they feel most themselves in and letting go of all the rest. Contrary to what you might think, the fewer better things you have, the easier it is to get dressed.


2019-07-31 03.35.14 1.jpg

Dacy has an upcoming 5 day capsule creation challenge starting tomorrow August 1st, so hop on over and get the details on that.She also shared a couple of her ROUTE favorites with us:

“I love the Hana Saddlebag because there’s nothing better than being hands free, especially when you’ve got two kids to wrangle.”


“I’m all about geometric earrings these days. The Stevie earring makes a big impact, but it’s leather, so it’s not heavy.”
Click through to check them out.


Thank you Dacy!


Be sure to follow Dacy on Instagram & check out her website where she helps empower you to simplify your closet.
Let us know what you think about this new series, who would you like to hear from? We have a lot of wonderful women coming up.

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